The Ultimate Australian Mountain Doodle 2023: A Blend of Nature’s Finest Breeds!

After hearing this name you might get little confused.  Australian Mountain Doodle have some mixed characterstics – allergy friendly, human friendly, and perfect cute looking. They cannot pair easily with anyone. Aussie mountain doodle is smart as well as physically stong.

                                                      Aussie Poodle Mix have so many good qualities and have mountainous cuteness. Aussie doodles are generally active breed while the Bernese mountain dog Australian shepherd mix is opposite. Australian mountain dog needs tolerable physical and mental exercise to keep away from being irritate, destructive and blase. Walking, running, kidding are the best exercise for aussi poo all they need. The main aim is to increase the lifespan of Australian poodle.

                                                                                                      Mini aussie needs training, good mental health and several things which are required for improving the lifespan. With combining the breeds, create a strong and large dog for the championship. They come in many varities that are parti, mismark etc. this are very first breed to produce unique cross. Australian poodles are the most loveable in today’s time. This are the most suitable for family dogs even they are the most perfect family dogs. Trained dogs are usefulhe inuff for security.

Australian Mountain Doodle

Australian mountain doodle temperament –

                                                                                Dogs are the most loyal animal, aussie doodles are the loyal, friendly and intelligent breed. The Australian Mountain Doodle embodies loyalty, mellowness, and lovable qualities, combining the best traits of the Bernese, Aussie, and Poodle breeds. They are excellent companions for families and interact well with children of any age. With their amiable nature, they are suitable for service or therapy work, as well as being cherished as a delightful addition to any family.

The Australian mountain doodle is generally at ease when meeting new people, but they may experience anxiety if left alone for extended periods. They tend to be sensitive, so it’s important to avoid harshness and punishments, instead emphasizing positive reinforcement during training.

Starting training at a young age is crucial for this mix, as their active minds can lead them into mischief if they become bored. Proper socialization with different individuals and animals is essential, and it’s recommended to initiate this process during their puppyhood.

Australian Mountain Doodle

Aussi Poodle size –

If standard Poodles are used, the Australian Mountain Doodle will reach a medium-large size. However, if miniature Poodles are used, they will not grow as large.

The size of Aussie Mountain Doodles can vary, falling into the medium to large range based on the dominant parent genes. Typically, they measure between 20 to 27 inches (48 to 63 cm) in height and weigh between 44 to 82 pounds (21 to 35 kg). For fully grown Mini Aussie Mountain Doodles, their height at the shoulder generally ranges from 35 to 45 cm (14 to 18 inches).

Colours –

                Our unique Australian Mountain Doodles display a wide array of colors, including Tricolor and Merle variations. Our primary focus revolves around Chocolate and Blue Merle, along with Chocolate and Black Tri combinations. Tricolor Australian Mountain Doodles exhibit a blend of Black or Chocolate and White fur, complemented by the classic copper accents on their face, legs, chest, and above their eyes. Additionally, some of these delightful companions may even have striking blue eyes.

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