Tata Punch EV Review Car 2024 : नया अपडेट और नये साल पर Super Discount के साथ Tata Punch EV interior मचाई धूम जाने Tata Punch EV Mileage और Tata Punch EV Booking

Tata Punch EV Review Car 2024

Tata Punch EV Review

Tata Punch EV Review Car 2024 : Tata Motors is gearing up to launch several new models in the market, and this time, it has made a spectacular start to the new year by unveiling the Tata Punch EV, its first completely new model in 2024. While the on-road price of the Tata Punch EV has not been officially announced, speculations suggest it could start from ₹12.1 lakhs (ex-showroom). Please note that registration fees and state-specific costs may vary.

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Tata Punch EV interior

Tata Punch EV Review Car 2024 : The compact SUV not only boasts a stylish design but is also aesthetically pleasing. The external design closely resembles the petrol version, featuring robust bumpers, stylish headlamps, and a high ground clearance, giving it the appearance of a true SUV. The blue highlights, IBR batchings, and charging ports integrate seamlessly with the interior and electric gear, giving it a distinctive EV feel.

Tata Punch EV Mileage

Tata Punch EV Interior Design

Tata Punch EV Interior Design : Stepping into the Tata Punch EV, the layered dashboard design is captivating, with the highlight being the impressive 10.30-inch infotainment screen. The digital instrument cluster, along with the illuminated two-spoke steering wheel, has been borrowed from the larger Tata SUVs. However, lower-priced variants will likely feature a 7.1-inch infotainment screen and a digital cluster.

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Tata Punch EV Interior Design : The Tata EV has already started creating headlines nationwide with its launch, and bookings for the vehicle have commenced. The official launch date is set for February 2024. With this launch, Tata has added a new and advanced model to its electric vehicle portfolio, strengthening its position in the EV market. The Punch EV presents a new challenge in the electric vehicle segment, aiming to establish a new standard.

Tata Punch EV booking

Tata Punch EV Booking

Tata Punch EV Booking : Customers interested in the Tata EV can make bookings through Tata’s new EV-only showrooms, selected standard showrooms, or the company’s official website, with a token amount of only ₹21,000. It’s worth noting that the Punch EV is the first model based on Tata’s new Gen 2 EV platform.

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Tata Punch EV Booking : Although the estimated on-road price for the Tata Punch has not been officially announced, considering various speculations and features, it is likely to start around ₹12.10 lakhs (ex-showroom). However, the final price may vary depending on your state and registration fees. Official on-road prices will be available after the official launch.

Tata Punch EV safety

Tata Punch EV Features

Tata Punch EV Features : The design of this electric car bears a resemblance to its petrol version, although some subtle changes have been incorporated. Features such as blue highlights, charging ports, electric vehicle badging, a consistent layout in the interior, blue theme, and an electric gear lever contribute to the electric car experience. The Tata Punch Electric Car showcases robust bumper styling, headlamps, and high ground clearance.

Tata Punch EV Features : The high-end Punch EV model is particularly noteworthy, featuring a 360-degree camera, leather-like seats, electronic parking brake with auto hold, connected car technology, wireless charger, ventilated front seats, cruise control, and a new Arcadie EV app suite.

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Additionally, there is an option for a sunroof. Some of these features are entirely new for a vehicle of this size. In terms of safety, standard features include six airbags, ABS, ESC, blind-view monitor, three-point seat belts for all seats, ISOFIX mounts, and an SOS function.

Tata Punch EV features

Tata Punch EV Safety

Tata Punch EV Safety : This is Tata’s first electric SUV with a charging socket at the front. The front showcases new elements like silver fox skid plate on plastic cladding and new vertical streaks, enhancing its robust appearance. Moving to the rear, there is a new bumper design, roof-mounted spoiler, and a Y-shaped brake light setup. In comparison to the ICE Punch variant, the Punch EV boasts 16-inch new alloy wheels and disc brakes on all four wheels instead of rear drum brakes.

Tata Punch EV Safety : Tata EV ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience with its strong suspension and reliable braking system. It is expected to have a McPherson strut front suspension and a twist-beam suspension at the rear, providing a comfortable journey and effectively handling road irregularities.

Loaded with modern features like the Z concept, app connectivity, cold globe, Tata EV includes safety features such as airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control, and hill hold assist. The Punch EV is powered by a robust 213.8 HP electric motor generating 290.1 Nm of torque, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10 seconds. The 50.12 kWh battery provides a range of over 300 km on a single charge, making it suitable for city travel and regular commutes to the office. Fast charging capabilities enable long-distance travel.

Tata Punch EV Mileage

Tata Punch EV Mileage : The battery and range capacity of Tata EV make it an excellent electric vehicle. It houses a powerful battery pack that provides a range of approximately 300 kilometers on a single charge, making it suitable for long-distance travel. The battery not only supports extended journeys but also offers efficient charging options.

Tata Punch EV Mileage : Tata EV attracts attention with its appealing and stylish design. The updated grille and bumper design take inspiration from the Nexon EV. The front features an attractive light bar and a split headlamp setup, while the unique Y-shaped brake lights distinguish its rear. It comes with new alloy wheels and features like the Frunk (Front Trunk). The light bar extending from the nose to the bonnet is visually striking.

The primary headlamp cluster resembles the Nexon EV. This electric SUV is Tata’s first EV to have a charging socket at the front. The lower bumper is entirely new, featuring silver fox skid plates on plastic cladding, giving it a sturdy appearance.

Tata Punch EV Mileage : The Tata Punch EV stands out as the best choice for you. With a comprehensive range of trims and variants, you can select the right car based on your preferences and budget. The standard range model offers five trims – Smart, Smart+, Adventure, Empowered, and Empowered+. Meanwhile, the long-range variant includes three trims – Adventure, Empowered, and Empowered+. These variants differ in features, looks, and performance levels.

There is a possibility of having a McPherson strut front suspension and a twist-beam suspension at the rear, ensuring adept handling of road irregularities and a comfortable journey with this combination.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Tata Punch EV Review Car 2024

What are the notable features of the Tata Punch EV?

The Tata EV is renowned for its competitive pricing, fuel-efficient engine, and a range of features that enhance the overall convenience of your driving experience.

Is the Tata Punch EV suitable for daily commuting?

Certainly! With its comfortable suspension and efficient engine, the Punch EV is an excellent choice for daily commuting within the city.

How does the Tata Punch EV fare compared to other vehicles in its category?

However, it is always advisable to test and compare the ride before reaching a final decision.


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