Monstera yellow leaves: Reasons and how to fix it?

Monstera is the star of all plants for any plant lover’s houseplant collection. Sometimes that the yellow leaves of monstera are normal. It is loved for its split-edged leaf and ease of taking care of in different conditions.

Reasons for Monstera leaves turning yellow :-

Unwatered or Overwatered Monstera –

                                                                        Here this proves that you are failing to nurture houseplants with proper watering. If Monstera leaf turns yellow then it simply means that your plan isn’t perfect and results in harm more than we think.

Yellow monstera leaves show the common culprits are unwatered or overwatered. In this, condition the moisture is improper in the soil because of particular overwatering.

                                                                                                      And another one is the lack of water in the bottom layer and stem of the plant. So you make sure to provide enough water that can flow from all the layers to the bottom of the flower pot and into the saucer. If the excess water is not discarded from the flower pot then the excess water harms the plant. Overwater causes root rot to plants or monstera and this leads to death.

                                                               So much water can damage the root of plants and block the absorption of oxygen. So you need to provide proper care of Monstera.

Why is my monstera turning yellow (Light Reasons) –

                                                                                              If the monstera is in direct contact with sunlight for a long period then they burn their foliage. Sometimes the lack of light simply means that the plant cannot photosynthesize the food amount which the plant can require.

               Too much light also causes the yellow leaves and harms the plant and because of too much light, the requires more water. In summer days the monstera needs more water because of too much light.

Humidity –

                     Too much temperature and humidity cause the leaves to be green to brown. And the large humidity affects the plant’s health so you need to nurture properly.

Pests and Disease –

                                    If pests attack on the plants then they eat their leaves and create holes in the leaf. The insects make a disease which shows the effect on plants heath and that time proper nurture is very important.

 Monstera yellow leaves

How to Fix?

In my home, my mum loves to do gardening she takes care of plants very seriously. She analyzes the health of all plants once a week and changes the soil every month because of her care the plants’ health is amazing. They also monitor the small changes in plants.

                                               On summer days my mom cares specially and prevents the plant from direct contact with sunlight for more than 3 hours. She also monitors the moisture of soil and treats plant diseases with medicines that are easily available. With this proactive care of my mom, the plants are healthy and the leaves are green.

Will yellow monstera leaves turn green again?

Yeah, after the proper nurture, I have seen that the yellow leaves turn green. In my home garden, I have seen the change in 10 – 12 after the proper care by my mom the leaves turning green to yellow.

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