Kinetic Luna (E Luna Bike) 2024 : नए साल पर Super डिस्काउंट ऑफर के साथ, जाने Luna E Bike battery और E Luna Price in India | Kinetic Luna Electric Moped

Kinetic Luna (E Luna Bike) 2024

E Luna Bike

Kinetic Luna (E Luna Bike) 2024 : The Luna, designed as a combination of bicycle and motorcycle, catered to the needs of both men and women. It was initially introduced to the market at a price of only 2100 rupees, capturing a dominant 95% market share in the moped segment in India for nearly 28 years. However, production was discontinued in the year 2000.

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Luna E Bike battery

Kinetic Luna (E Luna Bike) 2024 : Kinetic was the first company to provide affordable two-wheelers for the middle-class population, and Luna moped was originally patented by Piaggio CIAO. Later, Kinetic acquired the rights to it. After approximately 22 years, the production of this moped was halted in 2000, leading to a fading memory of its existence.

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Luna E Bike battery

Luna E Bike battery : Now, in the automotive market, Kinetic is set to make a splash with the launch of the New Luna Electric Scooter, now known as ‘E-Luna.’ This electric scooter offers new features and is expected to be positioned in the upper-mid range in terms of pricing. It operates on a battery.

E Luna Price in India

Several automobile companies are venturing into the electric segment, launching various vehicles and introducing electric variants of their popular models. In this segment, the once-popular Luna moped, now renamed, has made a comeback as an electric variant.

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Luna E Bike battery : In February 2024, Kinetic is gearing up to launch an electric moped, the E-Luna. Bookings for this new electric vehicle started on Republic Day, January 26, 2024, with an initial token amount of only 1100 rupees. The booking process officially began on Friday. Interested individuals can book the E-Luna to relive old memories.

Kinetic Luna Electric Moped

Luna E Bike Features

This scooter, with a payload capacity of 150 kilograms and a robust chassis, is designed for a safe and stable journey. It features a square LCD headlight, bulb indicators, a split seat with storage space, front crash guard, and rear grab rail, among other specifications.

Luna E Bike battery : The company has sold over 5 lakh units throughout its lifetime, spreading its presence for three decades. Now, after nearly three decades, Kinetic Green Cars in Pune is gearing up to bring its popular moped Luna into the electric realm. The new avatar will feature a completely redesigned engine and appearance.

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Kinetic Engineering is working on the main chassis, stand, side stand, and swing arm accessories for the Luna E-Scooter. It is anticipated that the Kinetic EV Moped could be launched in 2023. To meet the demand of consumers in the country, Kinetic has decided to establish a large manufacturing plant capable of producing 5,000 units of Luna EV Moped per month. Kinetic Engineering Limited has also set up a factory for painting and other manufacturing processes.

Luna E Bike battery : The E-Luna scooter may have a 50-volt battery, and it could take up to 4 hours for a full charge. With the use of a fast charger, it can be charged in 1 hour. After a full charge, it is estimated to cover a distance of approximately 80-90 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour.

Kinetic Luna Electric Moped

Kinetic Luna Electric Moped : The Electric Luna has been designed to meet the needs of consumers in metro cities, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 cities, as well as rural markets. Whether on plain roads or rough terrains, this new E-scooter is designed to navigate all types of roads.

In a similar fashion to Java/Yezdi bikes and Vespa scooters, it aims to give a new identity to scooters. First produced in 1972, the New Luna featured a 49cc two-stroke petrol engine, producing 2.2PS and 4.2Nm, coupled with pedals for use when fuel was depleted.

Kinetic Luna Electric Moped : Although it had a small engine, it was exempt from licensing laws. However, it is emphasized that it is robustly built as a durable electric vehicle that can perform well on roads from urban to rural areas.

E Luna Price in India

E Luna Price in India : There will be one model designed for private use and another model tailored for commercial customers. While specific details are yet to be disclosed, reports suggest that the price could be less than approximately 62,000-64,000 rupees.

E Luna Price in India : MD Ajinkya Firodia has expressed the intention to bring the Kinetic E-Luna to the market soon. He stated that being a part of Luna’s legacy is a matter of great pride for them. The company aims to produce 2000 units of Luna mopeds every day. The CEO of the company mentioned that they are confident that the E-Luna will now perform well in its new avatar. Additionally, the Indian people will likely appreciate its new look and electric form.

E Luna Price in India : The scooter is expected to feature a digital instrument panel, including a digital speedometer, trip meter, and odometer. It may come with a single seat, accommodating only one person. Further changes in its features may be implemented later. This electric bike is anticipated to bring significantly improved features compared to its predecessor.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Kinetic Luna (E Luna Bike) 2024

What is the engine capacity of the 2024 New Luna (E Luna Bike )?

The 2024 Kinetic Luna comes equipped with an impressive 160cc engine.

What are the key characteristics of the top speed of the 2024 New Luna (E Bike)?

The top speed of the 2024 New Luna is well-known for its competitive pricing, fuel-efficient engine, and a range of features that enhance overall ride convenience.

Can I use the top speed of the 2024 Kinetic Luna (E Luna) for long-distance rides?

While primarily designed for city commuting, the 2024 New Luna (E Luna Bike) can handle short trips and occasional highway rides with ease.


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